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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a settlement agent?
    To complete the legal requirements to transfer ownership of the property.
  • Can I choose my own settlement agent?
    Yes. Although your real estate agent may recommend a settlement agent, you are entitled to choose your own settlement agent.
  • Can HR Settlements do a settlement for me if I buy or sell property in other parts of WA?
    Yes we can take care of settlement on any property in Western Australia.
  • Is HR Settlements affiliated with any real estate agents or brokers?
    No. We are an independent settlement agency and will always ensure we look after YOUR best interests at settlement.
  • How do I nominate HR Settlements to do the settlement for me?
    Simply nominate HR Settlements on the back of the Offer and Acceptance Contract.
  • Do I need to provide the Stamp Duty up front?HR Settlements is registered with the Office of State Revenue to lodge and certify documents through their Revenue on Line system.  In the majority of cases, we will attend to endorsing of your documents on your behalf prior to settlement and collect the funds required at settlement.
  • I have just signed a contract. What should I do now?
    If you are using a Real Estate Agent, the agent will forward the contract to us. If you are doing a private deal, you will need to bring the contract to us together with your contact details.
  • What is Title Insurance?
    Title insurance is a specialised type of insurance providing protection to purchasers and home owners against the risks in the real estate transaction that may affect the ownership or use of their property. Contact Stewart Title for more information on Phone: 1300 853 919 or  website or View U-Tube video
  • Do I have to attend settlement?
    No. All Western Australian settlements take place in Perth. We take care of all the arrangements for settlement and advise you as soon as the settlement has taken place.
  • What authorities do I need to contact to advise of the change of ownership?
    You will need to advise your telephone provider and your electricy and gas companies. We will advise the local council, Water Authority and the State Revenue Dept (Land Tax).
  • What happens to the keys?
    In most instances, the Real Estate Agent hold the keys. We advise them once settlement has taken place and they will then release the keys to the new owner.

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